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"Power for positive change arises from a balanced combination of thinking, willing, and feeling."
(free translation of Ludwig Feuerbach)

"Organization is the means by which we multiply the powers of the individual." (Peter F. Drucker)

It can be very challenging to move an organization and the individuals in it forward even when it is critical to do so. Often we need new perspectives and new tools that are not present in the organization itself. My capability as a coach and consultant is to work closely with you and your team to help you achieve your goals.

When your focus is on organizational consulting, I provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your organization and recommendations for changes to better position it for the challenges of the future. Proposed changes reflect a networked development of strategies, processes, structures and corporate culture.

When the focus is on coaching, I assist you in realizing your personal and professional goals, whether in a current or a future context.

In team development and facilitation of groups, I help you leverage the existing (sometimes hidden!) capabilities and interests of the individual team or group members to arrive at the future-oriented solutions and decisions you may have been struggling to find.

Let's do it!