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My development and depth of profile.

I was born in D├╝sseldorf in 1968. After graduating from high school and completing a commercial apprenticeship, I moved to Freiburg in Breisgau to study law.

Then I worked at a management consultancy in Stuttgart until the end of 2010, with the last two years as a partner. I have been self-employed as a consultant and coach since the beginning of 2011.

With more than 12 years of professional experience in organizational consulting, coaching and workshop moderation, I offer you a solid, tried and tested basis for our cooperation.

My experiences with corporations and medium-sized companies cover a wide range of corporate cultures:
  • Automotive and mechanical engineering (including Daimler, MTU Friedrichshafen),
  • Banks and real estate (including LBBW, DB Services Real Estate),
  • Pharma and medicine (including Ipsen Pharma, Diakonie hospital)
  • As well as non-profit companies (e.g. DRK, ASB).

My most common engagements were for:

  • Realignment and optimization of structures and workflows (processes, roles),
  • Improve communication and cooperation within the company
  • Development of a leadership and management culture.

I have worked with teams in various functions and departments such as development, marketing, sales, finance. I have worked closely with people from different hierarchical levels (board, divisional manager, team leader) and professions.

additional training

To develop my consulting approach with people and teams, I have had several training courses in humanistic methods such as psychodrama, TCI, transaction analysis and NLP. These enabled me to master the basics of psychology, leading groups and the effectiveness of group processes.

I bring this knowledge into my coaching to support people to go beyond their limits, discover new potential and leave established paths.

Training in systemic consulting and in process management gave me a deeper understanding of the underlying complexity and interdependencies in organizations and in my role as a consultant.

This enables me to help realign organizations in a fundamental way or to adjust existing structures and cultures in such a way that they better meet current and future requirements.

I regularly take part in supervision and training. Both are part of my professional self-image with the aim of continuously improving my advisory skills with people and organizations.

An essential feature of my work is that I see people and organizations as interdependent aspects and thus link factual and emotional perspectives in the consulting process.

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